New Brunswick, Canada



Latitude: 46.5653163, Longitude: -66.4619164


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG, Mary Jane  1847New Brunswick, Canada I1170
2 BIRMINGHAM, Melissa  1848New Brunswick, Canada I1584
3 CLUFF, Nelson G.  1855New Brunswick, Canada I1613
4 CURRY, William Alexander  03 Feb 1892New Brunswick, Canada I1332
5 DICKINSON, Frances E.  Abt 1861New Brunswick, Canada I1293
6 DOW, Charlotte A.  24 Jan 1830New Brunswick, Canada I1227
7 EVERETT, Sarah Melvina  01 Sep 1853New Brunswick, Canada I484
8 GIBERSON, William  06 Jun 1806New Brunswick, Canada I202
9 GRANT, Jane  1824New Brunswick, Canada I1681
10 LARLEE, Charles L.  02 Jun 1895New Brunswick, Canada I1113
11 LARLEE, Daniel Amos  11 Dec 1864New Brunswick, Canada I477
12 LARLEE, Daniel Wilmot  07 Jul 1853New Brunswick, Canada I483
13 LARLEE, Lillian Gertrude  11 Nov 1924New Brunswick, Canada I159
14 LARLEE, Margaret  Abt 1829New Brunswick, Canada I1242
15 LARLEE, Margaret  07 Jan 1830New Brunswick, Canada I1064
16 LARLEE, Margaret Eliza  08 Sep 1824New Brunswick, Canada I197
17 LARLEE, Maria Mary  04 Mar 1818New Brunswick, Canada I194
18 LARLEE, Mary  Abt 1809New Brunswick, Canada I191
19 LARLEE, Nellie L.  26 Mar 1886New Brunswick, Canada I1106
20 LARLEE, Pearl M.  17 Jul 1880New Brunswick, Canada I1177
21 LARLEE, Samuel  Abt 1836New Brunswick, Canada I1365
22 LOVELY, Eileen  1927New Brunswick, Canada I1815
23 MCGEE, Hannah  18 Mar 1810New Brunswick, Canada I893
24 MCGEE, James  21 Jun 1800New Brunswick, Canada I867
25 MCKEEN, William  13 Jan 1799New Brunswick, Canada I1373
26 MILLER, Annie  Abt 1861New Brunswick, Canada I1205
27 MILLS, William  22 Aug 1826New Brunswick, Canada I1065
28 PHILLIPS, Lydia  19 Dec 1786New Brunswick, Canada I247
29 ROBINSON, Sarah Thomas  05 Jul 1793New Brunswick, Canada I248
30 STONE, Emmor Louise  Nov 1817New Brunswick, Canada I1537
31 WATSON, Miriam  Abt 1793New Brunswick, Canada I254
32 WATSON, William Wallace  09 Dec 1852New Brunswick, Canada I1538
33 WHITE, Gladys Jane  09 Apr 1901New Brunswick, Canada I154
34 WILLETT, Harriet J.  27 Oct 1870New Brunswick, Canada I478
35 WITHERS, Clarence F  Nov 1896New Brunswick, Canada I1528


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BIRMINGHAM, Melissa  30 Dec 1919New Brunswick, Canada I1584
2 CURRY, William Alexander  04 Feb 1930New Brunswick, Canada I1332
3 DICKINSON, Amos Norman  UNKNOWNNew Brunswick, Canada I864
4 DICKINSON, Elizabeth  UNKNOWNNew Brunswick, Canada I242
5 DICKINSON, Harriet Ann  UNKNOWNNew Brunswick, Canada I243
6 DICKINSON, Sarah Ann  UNKNOWNNew Brunswick, Canada I244
7 DICKINSON, Susan Rachel  UNKNOWNNew Brunswick, Canada I246
8 SPOFFORD, Mary  18 May 1740New Brunswick, Canada I217
9 WATSON, Charles Henry  Aft 1881New Brunswick, Canada I279


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LARLEE, Darrell Emerson  1910New Brunswick, Canada I1224
2 LARLEE, Theodore Washington  01 Oct 1890New Brunswick, Canada I6


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ACKERSON, Nehemia H.  1871New Brunswick, Canada I1268
2 ADAMS, Andrew Cook  1871New Brunswick, Canada I521
3 ARMSTRONG, Emily Jane  1871New Brunswick, Canada I1189
4 ARMSTRONG, Frances Grisilda  1871New Brunswick, Canada I1514
5 BAKER, Ella Elizabeth  1871New Brunswick, Canada I2
6 DICKINSON, Duncan  1871New Brunswick, Canada I872
7 LARLEE, Daniel McSheffrey  1871New Brunswick, Canada I1
8 LARLEE, John A.  1871New Brunswick, Canada I139
9 WATSON, Alexander Leonard  1871New Brunswick, Canada I1414
10 WATSON, Almeda Alice  1871New Brunswick, Canada I1938
11 WATSON, Charles Henry  1871New Brunswick, Canada I279
12 WATSON, John  1871New Brunswick, Canada I1541
13 WOOLVERTON, Mary  1871New Brunswick, Canada I294
14 WOOLVERTON, Sophia  1871New Brunswick, Canada I231
15 YERXA, Sarah  1871New Brunswick, Canada I318


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALBRIGHT / DICKINSON  08 Feb 1881New Brunswick, Canada F448
2 DICKINSON / HAYWARD  24 Dec 1857New Brunswick, Canada F444
3 DICKINSON / LAWSON  29 Aug 1984New Brunswick, Canada F467
4 LARLEE / BARKER  Abt 1766New Brunswick, Canada F81